Kailyn Lowry has been filming the brand new season of "Teen Mom 2," which could be the show's last season. Many people have questioned whether this show will keep going and Kailyn herself has hinted that the show is coming to an end. And this weekend, all of the girls got together so they could film the reunion special. And plenty of things have been happening in Lowry's personal life, as she recently got a divorce from Javi Marroquin. And while she was tweeting about the show's reunion special this weekend, she also talked about how people were not exactly loyal.

Did the producers do something that she didn't know about?

Kailyn Lowry not happy over 'Teen Mom' get-together weekend?

Over the weekend, several of the "Teen Mom" stars got together to film the reunion special for MTV and it sounded like most of them were having fun. But Lowry had an attitude problem - at least on social media. She released a series of tweets, including one where the producer called her feisty.

"All my friends are as*holes," Lowry tweeted over the weekend, adding at the end of the weekend, "Nobody is loyal.

Don't care."

It sounds like the MTV producers surprised her with an interview with her ex-husband, Javi. This happened last year as well when he was serving his duty overseas. The producers used Skype to get his opinion about their pending divorce, which Lowry did not appreciate. Of course, Kailyn is the teenage mother on the show, so maybe she wants to decide what the producers choose to air from her life.

And it certainly sounds like she wants Marroquin to go.

Kailyn Lowry feels betrayed: are people stabbing her in the back?

Are people stabbing her in the back? It sounds like the producers just wanted the full picture of what had been happening between her and Javi rather than just hearing her side of the story. Maybe she just wasn't prepared, which is why she's so upset, consistently calling people names and feeling like there's no loyalty.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweets? Do you think she has a bad attitude?

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