Kailyn Lowry is excited about her newest book, "Hustle & Heart," as it will be released in just a few days. Even though Kailyn has been keeping a low profile while filming the newest season of "Teen Mom," Lowry is ready for the upcoming season. She has teased that this new season will be her last, but people are wondering what she will do once the show is over, as she doesn't seem to have a plan in place. And yet, Kailyn is the only "Teen Mom" star who put herself through college to get a bachelor's degree.

She should be able to get a job. But maybe her attitude will hold her back, as some followers feel that she has a bad attitude problem.

Even though Lowry isn't filming "Teen Mom" these days, she is still getting recognized by fans in random places and this week, someone spotted her at the airport. As it turns out, Kailyn could have been nicer to the person.

Does Kailyn Lowry think she's better than everyone else?

It sounds like people really want to point out all of her negative Tweets. Yesterday, Lowry jokingly wrote on Twitter that a person had asked her what she was doing at the airport.

Kailyn mocked the question, sharing that the person should have known what she was doing at the airport. Sadly, her response didn't sit well with fans.

Lowry has admitted to having a personality problem, as she suffers from bipolar disorder.

This was revealed years ago while she was dating Javi Marroquin. But after her diagnosis, she's been able to manage her health.

Kailyn Lowry getting life back on track after divorce

Other than the backlash on Twitter, Lowry reveals that things are actually going well in her life. Kailyn opened up on Twitter, sharing that things are actually going well, even though she sent a different message yesterday via the social media network.

Over the weekend, she was filming the "Teen Mom" reunion and immediately after the reunion, she tweeted that no one was loyal anymore. But it sounds like she was able to get over that betrayal and move on.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry has a personality problem?

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