Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez rank at the top of the unofficial Off-Again, On-Again Celebrity Couples list. Now, amid the news that Bieber and Gomez have reconciled, comes the bombshell report that there just might be wedding bells ringing in the future for the couple known as Jelena (Justin + Selena).

How did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reconcile?

When it comes to reconciling, Bieber "reached out" to Gomez after she entered rehab, an insider told In Touch. Although she was "surprised" to hear from him, the source revealed that Justin and Selena were soon "talking all the time." It's a dramatic change since the rumors that Gomez was somehow to blame for Bieber's split from Sofia Richie.

And that talking has taken an unexpected twist, according to that insider, who revealed that Gomez is "already talking as if they're engaged."

Secret wedding plans cause speculation

Taking it one step further, a source revealed to In Touch that while Selena is open to bringing Justin into her life once more, she has a condition: A proposal! In addition, the media outlet told readers that Gomez and Bieber are "planning to get married in the near future." Fans of Selena know that Taylor Swift is her best friend: Will Taylor be her maid of honor if and when those reported plans turn into wedding bell reality?

However, Justin currently is on his tour, while Selena is in rehab, But that hasn't prevented the two from talking, clarified In Touch, which explained that Gomez and Bieber reconnected via the phone.

Jelena fans hope for a public appearance

As for when Justin and Selena will appear as a couple in public once more, Headlines & Global News revealed that the two may make their first appearance as a duo at the American Music Awards (AMAs). Promising joy for Jelena fans, Bieber and Gomez both are nominated for the Artist of the Year Award, and that opens the door for them to reunite there.

There's a history of romantic reunions at the AMAs, pointed out E News. Last year, Just and Selena enchanted fans when they reunited at a hotel just prior to the awards show. Bieber even serenaded Gomez with a rendition of "My Girl." The two also both attended the show that year. Adding to the suspense, however, that was the year when Justin sang on stage, while Selena sat in the audience.

Is it possible that they will both delight the audience with a surprise appearance this year at the AMAs or another award show in the near future?

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