Kevin Ramirez, a 18 year old fan, was left blooded and shocked after being punched by Justin Bieber on his face outside the concert venue in Barcelona Spain. The canadian pop singer is currently on his tour in Europe.

TMZ released the footage of Justin Bieber in Barcelona. In the video, a group of screaming fans are greeting Justin Bieber upon his arrival in the concert when Kevin Ramirez tried to reach into his car and attempted to touch him. Bieber immediately landed a left hook on Ramirez face. The teenager turned towards his friends with bloodied mouth and told them in Spanish, "He just punched me." Local police have described the incident as a "misdemeanour" rather than a crime.

They would not be automatically investigating the incident but Ramirez has the right to file a formal complaint against the singer.

Afterwards, Ramirez said that he didn't stay for the concert after getting punched. He felt dissapointed and he couldn't believed on what the Canadian pop singer did. He said to an interview, "He(Justin Bieber) had been in the airport the day before talking with fans and I assumed he was happy to get close to us.His car had stopped before he went by and he had seen us. He knew there were no barriers and he knew we were going to go up to him.He could have brushed my hand away, anything anything apart from such an aggressive punch."

Justin Bieber fan may sue the pop singer for punching him

After the incident, Ramirez has threatened Bieber with legal action.

He did not provide any additional information as it is in the hands of his lawyers. According to his interview with Spanish radio host Julia Otero: "This matter is now in the hands of lawyers. They will deal with it. I can't give out any more information at the moment."

Rita Ora defended Justin Bieber for punching a teenage fan

On the other hand, X Factor Rita Ora has defended Justin Bieber on what happened.

She told the Metro that there were definitely moments where fans cross over the boundary of it which is becoming almost scary. She also explained that Bieber's reaction was a natural way of defending himself from a possible threat. She added that she has been in similar situations in the past.

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