Hundreds of Spanish Beliebers have been camping out for days and weeks – and some over a month – outside the Madrid venue where Justin Bieber, 22, will be performing on November 23. Through rain and shine and chilly temperatures, these fans are not moving – they want to ensure they are as close as possible to their idol when the gates to the venue finally open.

Camping out for Justin Bieber

As reported by The Local, a Bieber fan from the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa told AFP that it’s pretty tough at night, but she’s getting used to the cold.

Andrea Gil was seen snuggled up with a blanket over her legs with 20 other fellow fans, surrounded by bags of food and suitcases. Gil was reportedly the first of the group to arrive there on October 14. The members of her group take turns to ensure their prized position in the queue is maintained. The same is true of 13 other similar groups of between 30 and 40 people, all taking turns day and night to keep their valued spot.

Channel News Asia reports that some of the Beliebers live in Madrid, or are staying in hotels, but many, like Gil’s group, simply camp out outside the venue, using public baths to get clean and charging their cell phones in a socket in the music venue’s car park.

While some have tents, others sleep rough, but it reportedly doesn’t bother them a bit. They can't wait for the day of the concert to come.

Justin Bieber lost in translation

Such is the popularity of Justin Bieber in Spain – it’s not enough to just get a ticket to the concert, positioning is what counts. However, fans might remember another visit by the Biebs to Madrid, where he walked out of an interview on live TV in disgust.

It happened back in October 2015 when the Canadian singer was scheduled for two interviews, but walked out half way through the first and was never seen again.

It turns out the whole thing was lost in translation, as Justin’s interviewers on the radio show “Los 40 Principales” spoke Spanish, with someone translating with broken English.

Bieber completely lost track with the questions and got in a huff and left. Many of his fans were upset, saying the show could have found someone who spoke better English. You can see the interview in the video below. The interview ends with the presenters calling him to come back after he exited the room.

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