Joy-Anna Duggar is courting. This announcement came during the "Counting On" special tonight. It has been speculated for some time that Joy would be the next to marry. At just 19-years-old, she is already looking forward to marriage and children.

What is courting?

The Duggar family has different rules when it comes to dating. They enter into a courtship, which is essentially supervised dating. Parents or older siblings will be on dates with Joy-Anna Duggar while she is with her partner. They will not be able to kiss or hold hands, with only side-hugs permitted at times. All of her older sisters have done the same, but Jinger Vuolo did alter her rules a little bit.

Fans are concerned that Joy may have felt pressured into courting. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob and Michelle were eager to find someone for their barely-legal daughter to court. Right now, everything is in the new stages. Very little information about who Duggar is courting is available. The announcement is literally minutes old but as the days pass, more information will be coming to light.

Joy-Anna overshadowed Jinger

There was a little disappointment in the announcement of Joy-Anna's courtship as it was on a special that was supposed to focus on Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo and their wedding. This morning, there was a teaser announcement posted to Instagram to keep fans guessing on who was courting.

As it turns out, it was Joy.

Jana Duggar has been getting a lot of grief because she has yet to enter a courtship. Her twin brother, John-David, has never been in one either. Josh Duggar is the only male married at this point. There will be more fingers being pointed and assumptions made about why Jana has not found anyone yet.

Rumors have been cruel to the eldest Duggar girl.

As fans await more details on Joy-Anna and her new guy, they are anticipating news that Jinger Duggar will be expecting soon. With all of the changes the family is experiencing, this will be a very joyous Christmas for all. Joy-Anna has entered a world of love and possibilities and fans hope she finds her forever.

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