The Duggar family televises weddings like ESPN broadcasts football. The burgeoning brood of twenty children love to vocalize their beliefs about dating, abstinence and premarital sex. The train to the altar is longer than the courtships themselves, and fans expect one wedding and one baby per season. The special "Counting On: Jinger's Wedding" will air next Tuesday, and ice cream buffets, Dixie Cups of lemonade and bouts of hairspray are overdue for another debut. Jinger Duggar will be doused in white, and her husband Jeremy Vuolo will wear his platonic smile, and the hundreds of guests will gather and gawk.

Another episodeconcludes with morediamond and teething rings. 2017 is less than two months away, so viewers can count on another business transaction. Breakout star Jana Duggar is almost twenty-seven-years-old, and her entire life revolves around her siblings. Will next year break the "Groundhog Day" monotony?

Her rumored beau is a former athlete

Sports analyst Tim Tebow might sound like a familiar name. Hewas a former NFLplayer for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. He no longer competes on the field, but rumors swirl that he may intercept Duggar's heart. The proclaimed Christian is wealthy, loves his mother and is passionate about his religion. These three qualities rank him as the top suitor yet, and these qualitiescould win him some quality time with the devout doula.

The two singles not only share common interests but would look stunning together, so father Jim Bob Duggar should expedite the screening process.

The Duggar family is game

Tebow is a catch, and the Duggar family approves of his stats. Starcasm reports Jessa Duggar's sweetheart Ben Seewald's opinion. He states, "He'd be a great addition to the family." Jana Duggar deserves somebody special, and she definitely deserves a vacation!

Unfortunately, retreats are packaged as honeymoons for these young women. Even though Tebow would rehab the patriarchy's image, boost ratings and rescue Duggar, the reality of this fantasy is unlikely. The godly pair have not even met yet, and the gossip only began because of a banquet attended by their parents.

Whethera Prince Charming is in her presence or not, this Cinderella deserves her happily ever after.Horse-drawn carriages, glass slippers and a boyfriendare not the only desires a girl can dream.

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