There have been rumors swirling recently that 19 Kids and Counting and “Counting On” star Anna Duggar might divorce her husband Josh Duggar, a move that would shock many considering the conservative religion the family follows. The marriage has faced some major obstacles over the past year or so after multiple scandals involving Josh emerged. This past weekend, however, it certainly appeared that Anna and Josh remain together and united with no divorce looming overhead.

Sources claimed that Anna was on the verge of filing for divorce from Josh

According to the Daily Mail, sources recently indicated that Anna Duggar had decided that she could no longer stay in her marriage to Josh Duggar. She was supposedly planning to draw up divorce papers with a lawyer soon and new friends who were lending their support were said to be the catalyst for the change of heart. Until now, Anna has relied on Josh's family to a great extent and the buzz had been that she was facing intense pressure from both her family and his to forgive her husband and remain in the marriage.

A fair number of “19 Kids” and “Counting On” fans, however, were quite skeptical of the rumors that Anna would divorce Josh, and now there is more reason to believe that there is no Duggar divorce on the horizon. Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo over the weekend, and Anna and Josh were naturally in attendance with their kids. As Us Weekly shares, some who attended Jinger and Jeremy's wedding indicated that Josh and Anna seemed happy, and they were seen smiling and talking with his arm around hers.

Despite the rumors, Josh and Anna are presenting a united public front

After the wedding, Anna's sister Priscilla and brother-in-law David posted a photo on Instagram showing them out with Josh and Anna for a double date of sorts, and it looked like everybody was quite happy. Anna's arm is around Josh's arm in the photo and everybody was grinning during the double-date selfie.

Not only had there been rumors of a Duggar divorce swirling, but there has been buzz that Anna might be pregnant with the couple's fifth child.

It was during her fourth pregnancy with Meredith, and just after the baby's birth, that the previous Josh scandals rocked the family's lives. It's too soon to know if the family will head down the path of adding more children to the family, but it does appear that they are committed to continuing their marriage.

Do you think that there was any possibility of Anna Duggar divorcing Josh or were the supposed sources way off-the-mark on this one? Will Anna and Josh add more children to their family or is the “19 Kids and Counting” and “Counting On” family going to keep things as they are?

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