John Oliver isn't happy. The last episode of his show was essentially a tirade against Donald Trump, a "pathological liar" whose candidacy should never have been recognized as legitimate. And he's not entirely wrong. Just think about what his stance on immigration policies and appointed cabinet members demonstrate about what Trump will do during his presidency! Still, it's hard not to see this episode of 'Last Week Tonight' as anything other than a rant filled tirade.

The Last Episode of the Year.

Oliver's last episode of the season had to be about the 2016 national election. It's been the most discussed topic all year thanks to the absurdity of Donald Trump and the intrigue of Hillary Clinton. Oliver had covered the election several times already and his viewers were likely expecting his take on the general election. Oliver didn't disappoint. Just take a look at the video below.

The entire episode focuses on the downsides of Donald Trump and the campaign promises that Trump either won't or can't keep.

Trump is shown flip-flopping on campaign promises and lying about legitimate news sources that surrounded his campaign. Oliver even showed a clip of conservative Bill O'Reilly calling Trump out for a faulty statistic.

But it's hard to ignore the obvious anger of a liberal media source like Oliver throughout. I agree with his views, but it's hard to suggest that John Oliver is fully avoiding bias here.

But he joined others in his hatred of 2016 shown at the end of the video.

F*ck 2016 Chanted at End of Video.

John Oliver absolutely hated 2016 and Trump was just the cherry on top for the host of "Last Week Tonight." He joined with several pedestrians and got them all to chant "F*ck 2016" for the conclusion of the shows season. The year's poor quality was defined by deaths of celebrities, the election of Trump, the Ryan Lochte disaster at the Olympics, and Brexit.

And that's not even mentioning the Syrian refugee crisis! It's hard to disagree with what John Oliver has to say and maybe it is best if our emotions do manage to get the best of us for those having a tough time struggling with the reality of a Trump presidency.

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