Here comes the bride! Jinger Duggar is now officially Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo after a brief 4-month courtship and engagement. A special guest appearance was made by sex molester brother Josh Duggar, his wife Anna and their family. Jinger and her husband Jeremy are ecstatic but questions remain on how the reality showparents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar feel about their daughter's whirlwind romance. Were they "Counting On" such a speedy courtship-to-altar relationship?

Jinger Duggar rapid-fire romance

So it might not have been a shotgun wedding but it sure was non-traditional according to Duggar standards.

The bride is the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The quiverfulparents were featured on the popular TLC "19 Kids and Counting" Reality TV show until the plug was pulled in light of a sex scandal involving their eldest - Josh. The strict Baptist family practices rigid male-hierarchical, parent-controlled relationships even with their adult children. This involves a period of no-touch Bible-based courtship in lieu of modern dating habits. Jeremy and Jinger announced that they planned to do things differently. They only courted for a month, got engaged late in July and were married Nov. 4.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo flouts convention

Jinger Vuolo knew her own mind right from the start. She and her beau ignored the hands-off policy, hugged, sat next to each other and snuggled.

Michelle Duggar expressed herself unable to control the pair. Normally she or another family member would sit between the courting couple but she said it was like trying to keep two magnets apart. Courtship for Jinger went a lot more quickly and even patriarch Jim Bob Duggar couldn't keep the brakes on despite valiant efforts.

The best they could hope for was, likely, to get these two married ASAP.

Jinger Duggar or parents invited brother Josh?

Josh Duggar has been out of sex rehab for a few months but not part of the family's new show "Jill & Jessa: Counting On." His many sins have cast long shadows including getting the original show trash canned.

After being routed in the Ashley Madison cyber-cheating scandal, Josh admitted to adultery with a porn star, having two online virtual adultery accounts and a porn addiction. He also admitted to fondling girls with his dad's knowledge. He went to a faith-based Christian rehabilitation program in Illinois but quit or was kicked out months before treatment was complete. His family braved terrible weather to fly him home. Whether Josh's rare appearance was at the bride and groom's invitation or not isn't clear. It was certainly a surprise wedding all the way around.

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