Today is the day Jinger Duggar will become Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo. She will officially be a married woman and "Counting On" fans are thrilled for her. This has seemed like a whirlwind romance to onlookers but it has been a year in the making. After a grueling process, Jeremy Vuolo was given permission to ask for Jinger's hand in marriage.

Where is Jinger Duggar getting married?

The details surrounding Jinger Duggar's wedding are being kept secret. It was leaked that today is her wedding day. There was also roundabout confirmation that she was getting married in Arkansas despite earlier assumptions that she was going to do it in Texas where Jeremy Vuolo lives.

Several other clues were dropped about today being the special day including conversations between the Bates family and a post from the Rodrigues family. According to Hollywood Take, it looks like the wedding will be filmed and air in the near future. This is great news for "Counting On" fans who want to partake in watching Jinger's big day.

What is next for Jinger Duggar?

Jinger Duggar plans on immediately living in Texas with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. She discussed this on a recent "Counting On" special where she was joined by her soon-to-be-husband.

The two have oozed love since meeting and they cannot wait to become one. Derick Dillard joked that he expected Duggar to be pregnant by the end of the year during that same special. It was definitely a nod to the fact that the wedding was happening soon and while it is now known that today is the day, the secret was heavily guarded and not leaked until just before the big event.

A lot is going to change with Jinger Duggar out of the house.

She is going to be working on learning the ropes of being a housewife and being a mother while her two older sisters will be raising their sons. Jessa and Jinger have always been close and Ben actually brought Jeremy to meet his sister-in-law. It was a match made in heaven and now Jinger will get to join her older sisters in the fun that is marriage and motherhood in the very near future.

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