November is a special month for Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald. Their anniversary and firstborn arrived during that time, and with Duggar's sibling Jinger Duggar married to soccer enthusiast Jeremy Vuolo, celebratory occasions are just as prominent as Thanksgiving. However, the Seewald family is more focused on teething rings versus diamond rings. Duggar is reveling in her second pregnancy, and her family of three may expand to a family of five. The latest "Counting On" offers up an array of topics from engagements, courtships and babies. Certified midwife Jill Duggar visits Jessa Duggar to perform an ultrasound, and she discusses the probability of twins.

Counting on weddings and due dates

Jana Duggar has yet to publicize her dating drama, but younger sister Joy-Anna has announced her first relationship with 22-year-old Austin Forsyth. She established a close friendship with him prior to pre-school, but now that she's in her late teens, wedding bells are in her future. Unlike Vuolo, her beau lives in Arkansas, and his father owns a campground. Plans to reside in the backwoods of Combs and partake in the business would suit the outdoorsy woman, but before holy matrimony, these two lovebirds should enjoy their time together. The TLC clip not only displays this burgeoning romance, but Christian Jill Duggar visits Jessa to relay some possibilities.

Her son, Spurgeon Seewald, could work as big brother to not one but two younger siblings! Before he reaches toddler status, he could be tasked with twice the responsibility.

2017 begins with another birth

She is expecting to deliver in February of next year. The overjoyed mother cannot wait to meet her son or daughter, and she expressed her excitement with her loved ones.

Jill Duggar visits Jessa before she leaves for El Salvador. They listen to the baby's heartbeat in utero, and Jill Duggar voices her opinion for the cameras. She states, "It could be the same baby...or it could be two different babies." Many congratulations are professed to this clan, and this upcoming holiday conveys more meaning now than ever.

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