Janet Jackson is expected to give birth to a baby soon. It has been reported that she will have a boy. Not only that, but it is said that she will honor her deceased brothers by naming her son, Michael Brandon. This will be Janet's giving a major tribute to her older Michael and a younger brother Brandon. She believes this is her way of memorializing Michael who died on June 25, 2009 at age 50. Janet herself just turned 50 years old last May.We know the origin of the name Michael, but many people don't know that Janet also had a brother named Brandon who died. Brandon was Marlon's twin who died at birth.

Therefore, Janet reportedly will combine the names of her two deceased brothers.

Wissam Al Mana's input

Wissam Al Mana seems to have no problem with his baby being named after his two deceased uncles. When Janet first got pregnant, that is what she and her husband agreed on if she should have a boy. Wissam is a traditional Muslim, and Michael Brandon will not be the baby's only names.The child also will have a Muslim name given by his father. It will be a combination of Janet's tribute along with Wissam's choice.

At this time, there has been no suggestions about the baby's Muslim name. Of course, if the baby turns out to be a girl, there will be different names even though "Michael" can also be a feminine name.

In the Bible, David's first wife was named Michal, according to First Samuel 18:20-27. Even though the name is spelled differently, it is still pronounced the same as the masculine name. Also, Olivia Walton, the matriarch on "The Waltons" is named Michael Learned. Therefore, the name Michael can be both masculine and feminine.

Janet's due date

Janet is expected to give birth in late December. Judging by how big she has gotten, people shouldn't be surprised if she gives birth earlier than that. At one point in her pregnancy, it was rumored that she might have twins; however, there is not much evidence of that. The public is happy for Janet and Wissam and is hoping they will have a healthy and happy baby.

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