What's the latest from Natalie Negrotti and James Huling of “Big Brother 18”? The “BB18” stars, dubbed “Jatalie” by their dedicated fan base, developed quite the showmance in the house and have been very open about their relationship transitioning into a full-fledged romance in the real world. They have been dealing with a long-distance romance since the finale aired, but it looks like a reunion is coming very soon.

Huling and Negrotti have spent a lot of time together since the 'BB18' finale

Natalie Negrotti and James Huling spent quite a bit of time together after the “Big Brother 18” finale aired, doing some road-tripping and visiting family and friends across the country.

He spent some time on the East Coast with her family and she visited his place in Texas, and the two recently met up in Detroit for a fun appearance for Bullies Reality as well.

Unfortunately, these “BB18” stars are facing a continuing long-distance relationship for now though and this can sometimes make Jatalie fans a bit jittery. Natalie is back in New Jersey and is back in the mix of things with her New York Jets cheerleading gig, while James is at home in Texas. There were some rumors swirling this past week about some possible hiccups in the Jatalie relationship with some shifts in social media causing some buzz, but by the end of the weekend, everything appeared to be back on-track.

Jatalie fans expect to see the 'Big Brother 18' stars together again soon

It has been said for quite some time now that Huling would travel to New Jersey at the end of November for a big event that Negrotti is involved in with the Jets. Beyond the alumni game where “BB18” fans expect to see James on-hand to support Natalie, he tweeted about wanting to pin down a date night with his gal to see the Christmas lights this year.

In addition, she tweeted about looking forward to seeing his cat Gizmo this next weekend.

Natalie and James have shared plenty of bantering back-and-forth via social media and she popped up in a recent YouNow video he did. “Big Brother 18” fans are definitely anxious to see the two back together again and it sounds like things are on track for that to happen very soon. The “BB18” Jatalie fans will surely go wild when James Huling and Natalie Negrotti reunite in a few days and the two will surely share plenty of fun social media posts that will tide everybody over for a bit.

Do you think that this couple will manage to overcome the distance challenges and last?

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