James Huling and Natalie Negrotti were one of three showmances that developed over the summer in the “Big Brother 18” house, and “Jatalie” is still going strong now. These two are having to deal with a long-distance relationship for the moment and they have just had to spend some time apart. However, the two “BB18” lovebirds just reunited and fans are anxious to see more. What's the latest?

The 'BB18' lovebirds have recently faced some time apart

After the “Big Brother 18” finale, Natalie Negrotti and James Huling did a lot of road-tripping and hung out with one another's families.

She spent some time in Texas with him recently, but then she needed to head back to New Jersey for some work commitments. The “BB18” stars spent Halloween apart, but they've just reunited and Jatalie fans are thrilled.

James and Natalie, along with a couple of her cheerleader besties, have reunited in New Jersey for a Bullies Reality event. This is not the first Bullies Reality event that Huling and Negrotti have done together, and it doesn't look like it'll be the last. The “Big Brother 18” stars were clearly quite excited to be together again, and their supporters know that in addition to the event and surely some snuggling, there will be some pranking going on during their time in Detroit.

There is fun and love on the horizon for Jatalie during this trip

Huling and Negrotti have already done some pranking of one another via social media and “BB18” fans know that they did a bit of this in the house last summer as well. Now that they are together again, with some friends in tow, there is little doubt that some in-person stunts will take place. In addition to the prank teases, James and Natalie gushed over being together again and he shared a little care package she had ready for him.

What does the future hold for James and Natalie? These “Big Brother 18” stars have been quite open about the fact that they are dating and in love, but they are not rushing into anything more than that for now.

They seem committed to maintaining a long-distance relationship for the moment, even though “BB18” supporters of Jatalie's are anxious to see plans emerge regarding a way to eliminate the distance factor.

Do you think that James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are the real deal and will manage to make their relationship last? “Big Brother 18” fans are quite curious to see what comes next for Jatalie and can't wait to see how this quick trip to Detroit goes for the “BB18” stars.

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