Natalie Negrotti and James Huling fell for one another this past summer on “Big Brother 18” and they have kept the love going outside of the house. Natalie and James, dubbed “Jatalie” by “BB18” fans, are facing a long-distance romance for now, but they have made it clear that they are seriously committed to one another. What's the latest from the duo?

'BB18' lovebirds Jatalie aren't shy about gushing over one another

James and Natalie surprised “Big Brother 18” fans by doing a Bullies Reality event together in Detroit last weekend, but now they are back at their respective homes apart. Despite the fact that Huling is in Texas and Negrotti is in New Jersey, they are definitely still together and don't hold back from showing it.

Recently, Natalie faced some grief when she posted a somewhat racy video on her social media, a video clip done as part of a New York Jets promotion. However, James stepped up immediately telling social media followers that his gal could take on the world and the “haters” should feel free to send some hate his way. When she shared that she had a surprise interview coming up, he tweeted that he was proud of her, loved her, and knew his "Big Brother 18" lady would do great things.

Despite the distance, these 'Big Brother 18' stars stay connected

Huling has posted about getting Negrotti more cowboy boots, and “Big Brother 18” fans know that James and Natalie enjoy teasing and pranking one another.

They love to post old photos of one another on social media, and the latest was a Throwback Thursday picture that James posted of Natalie from her days as a high school athlete. Of course, she will likely post something soon in a payback effort, and “BB18” fans soak up every second of the fun.

When will Huling and Negrotti reunite?

The buzz is that he'll head out to New Jersey later this month for a big Jets event she has slated and "BB18" fans will have to stay tuned for other reunions between the two. As anxious as "Big Brother 18" fans are to see one of them make a move to be with the other, it looks like James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are committed to making this long-distance relationship work and are taking things relatively slowly when it comes to bigger life changes.

Do you think that Jatalie will manage to go the distance?

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