The Indian family drama series "Ishqbaaz" continues to entertain the audience with the exciting twists. Saturday’s episode was a drama laden with suspense and emotions. The episode began with Shivaye and family members getting shocked to see Om lying unconscious on the floor.

Monday's episode update:

The show starts with Anika telling Tia why she is doing this to Shivaay. She angrily replies that the issue is between her and Shiva, and it is none of her business to interfere. She warns Anika that one more time she tries to interfere in their matters she will be fired from her job.

Just before this Anika had again lost the opportunity to expose Tia and rather she falls in the eyes of Shivaye as they don’t find anything wrong or a suspicious person in Tia’s room.

Shivaye hears Priyanka shouting and rushes to Om’s room and finds him fallen unconscious on the floor under the influence of the drugs.

Ridhima also comes and gets shocked to see the drug injection.

She brings Om to breathe by pumping his heart and asks him why he did consume the drugs. Om hugs her and thanks God as she was back in his life.

Priyanka cries and tells Shivaye that even though she knew about Om but didn’t tell anyone. Shivaye blames himself for not taking care of Om and consoles Priyanka.She thinks Shivaye can handle everything but how she should tell him.

Tej argues with Jhanavi over Om’s condition and says Om needs to be strong and he never did anything to make his father feel proud.

Tej tells Jhanvi about his worries that who will take over his empire as both his sons doesn’t seem to be much interested in business.

Tej feels disappointed that OM took over to drugs just due to a relationship break off.

Shivaye consoles Jhanvi and calls himself responsible for Om’s condition, but Tej warns that Om needs to be stronger.

Rudra and Soumya run as they see Rumi following them and somehow manage to lock her in a room. Rudra and Soumya now realise that they got married and got shocked.

Shivaye shows disappointment to Anika and tells her that he made a mistake by asking her to look after Om but Anika protects herself as Shivaye had not mentioned the problem clearly to her.

Shivaye blames her for trying to make Tia fall in his eyes as due to some personal motive. Anika asks Shivaye to see the reason why she was doing all this, and she was not just another poor girl who wants to become rich by taking Tia’s place.

The future story will bring in a new character named Dhruv who will fall in love with Anika or maybe it is Tia’s Mr. ‘D’

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