Ishqbaaz is a popular family drama series aired on Star Plus in India on prime time Monday to Saturday. The show is a cocktail of mysteries that deepen and romance that becomes intense every day.

Wednesday’s episode started with the elders discussing Laxmi Pooja when Rumi comes and behaves like a goddess.

November 3rd episode updates:

Thursday's episode begins with Tia asking Anika why she is following and shereplies that on the night of 'Karwa Chauth' she saw her hugging someone. Before the shocked Tia could react, Anika asks her who was the boy? Shivaay enters the room and it looked like he overheard the conversation.

In the next scene, all the three brothers are talking to the troubled Anika who is seated on a chair. Shivaay tells her why she is so inclined to get into trouble all the time, he adds what will i do if something happens to you. The shocked Anika and the brothers see each other.

Om tries to woo Priyanka

Om seems to take drugs, but he throws the injection away and thinks about Riddhima. Ranveer comes to Priyanka’s college and offers to drop her but Priyanka refuses and asks him to leave her and the whole Oberoi family alone as no one in the family has committed any crime, and he is deliberately framing her brothers. She accuses him of trying to use her against her brothers.

Ranveer tries to convince her that she is misunderstanding him, but she doesn’t believe him and walks but stumbles as a brick comes in her way.

Ranveer holds her.

Tia comes to Oberoi Mansion, and while she is trying her dresses, she gets a cough. Anika brings two glasses of water and teases Tia that she saw two glasses in the video call, so she has brought two glasses. Anika even tells her that she had an argument with the designer that how is it possible that the button of the halter neck blouse open itself.

Tia's boyfriend still a mystery

Tia goes to answer a call and asks the person not call her when she is in Oberoi Mansion. Tia finds a necklace with initial T&D in Tia’s bag and doubts about the initials.

Rudra finds Soumya looking pretty, but Soumya asks him to drop her as she was going to meet Reyaan.

Om records a voice message for Riddhima asking her to come back to him.

Shivaye comes to Om’s room and asks him if there was any problem as Oom was seen in the similar state two years back also. Om refuses any problem and makes excuses that he just tired.

Tia looks at the necklace in the gift box and smiles. Anika notices the glow on her face.Audience stay tuned to find out how Anika investigates the new information in Tia’s case.

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