The storyline of the Star Plus show “Ishqbaaz” continues to become interesting with each passing episode and now the real dirty self of new entrant Dakshya is also revealed in the serial.

The previous episode started with a very emotional scene where Anika cries in the lap of Sahil who tries best to console her. She picks a newspaper with Shivaye’s photograph and clutches it to her heart. Just then she gets a call from Daksh who is surprisingly watching her live on a screen in his room. He sees the newspaper and enviously thinks of Anika for loving Shivaye.

Thursday, Nov 25th episode updates

The show starts with Dakshya trying to poison the mind of Shivvay by telling him that he spent the last night with Anika and she has demanded Rs 15 lakhs.

He shows him the money and says he is now going to give it to her,

The shocked Shivaay follows him to see if Anika accepts the cash, Dakshya meets her and hands over the packet and says here are the documents you had asked for. The happy Anika accepts the packet while Shivaay looks on.

Moreover, the cunning Dakshay knowing that he is being observed hugs Anika and say's that he can do anything for her. Frustrated Shivaay leaves the place and at that time, Anika opens the cover to read the documents.

The flashback shows the attacker twirling his fingers just as Daksh did as he spoke with Anika with cruel hidden intentions.

Rumi returns and kidnaps Rudra

Next morning Om calls Rudra but the phone is answered by someone else claiming to be Rudra’s basketball coach who says Rudra was fine, but actually then the person was appointed by Rumi to lie about him. Soumya remains worried as she senses some danger around Rudra.

Rudra is really in jeopardy as Rumi had clasped him in chains at her place and forced him to accept their relation as husband and wife.

Rudra refuses and gets shocked to see the nails put on the ground

Daksh reveals his dirty intentions for Anika in front of Shivaay

Anika comes to Oberoi Mansion as usual but looks sad. Shivaye looks at the ring on her finger but Anika leaves. Shivaay goes to Kitchen where he finds Anikaa still working despite her headache.

He calls the driver to drop her home but Dakshya interrupts and says that Anika will spend the night with him in his room as they are now engaged. Shivaye objects but Daksh reveals his dirty intentions of using Anika without marrying her.

Shivay warns him but Daksha challenges Shivaaye that next morning he can find Anika in his room.

Shivaye goes to Anikaa and asks her to stop work and leave immediately but Anita refuses and continues to work. Shivaye grips her hand and forcibly makes her sit in the car and sends her home.

Next episode will deepen the misunderstanding between Anika and Shivaye as Shivaye will find Anika in Daksh’s room doing the bed sheet while Daksha wears his shirt.

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