"Ishqbaaz" Saturday’s episode was a musical treat as it was ‘sangeet evening’ of Shivaay and Tia’s marriage. Anika comes to Oberoi Mansion but looks tired and hurt.

Shivaay asks her about the second attack on her last night and looks concerned about her safety. Dakshya comes and tells that the stalker could not harm her as he reached there in time.

Shivaay concerned over Anika's safety

Shivaay questions Daksha that how he came to know that Anika was in trouble. Daksha called it a heart-to-heart connection that took him to her.

Mondays Episode:

The Monday's episode begins with a party going on at the Oberoi Mansion. Dakshya propses Anika in front of all and she says YES!

Shivaye assures her not to worry and holds her hand as she tries to leave. Tia looks on as she is fine and frees her hand.

Dadi asks Anika to take rest, but she insists on working. Pinky asks her to check dining table arrangements, and Jhanvi wanted her to check with DJ and arrange a ‘Dholki’ for ‘sangeet.'

Cunning Tia tortures Anika emotionally

Tia plays a game and tells Shivaye that she has some more guests, and further arrangements are needed.

Shivaye says she should not worry and he will ask her to make the arrangements.

But Tia takes the money and insists that she will convey to Anika herself as she was already seeing her regarding her wedding dress.

Tia gives the money to Anika and lies that this is her compensation from Shivaye for the defamation she accepted for saving Shivaye and now she may leave as Job was over.

Anaka asks Shivaye about the money and Shivaay who was in a hurry tells her that Tia must have told her why he sent the money to her and left with Om.

Aniika gets shocked and throws the money and cries that she can’t love a man who thinks so low of her.Om Rudra and Shivaye dance to the tunes of Bollywood party number.

The family has a happy time dancing and cherishing Shivaye- Tia wedding.

While dancing Shivaye looks emotionally at Anika who is equally emotional. Daksh again confesses love to Anika and ask her for marriage. Shivaye walks to Anika, and the episode ends on a curious note.

Future events will reveal if Daksha loves Aneika or just acting a cupid to make Shivaay and Anikaa listen to their heart that beats for each other

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