Indian family serial "Ishqbaaz" is a drama roller coaster with revelations and secrets mushrooming everywhere around the Oberoi Mansion.

Yesterday’s episode started with Shivay consoling Anika inside Oberoi Mansion as she had blamed Daksh for the horrible mischief at her home and she tried to prove the same with theater tickets that she had seen with Daksh.

Tia seeks an apology from Anika but Shivaye protects her saying she must have said everything out of anxiety and rather apologizes on her behalf.

Both have an emotional eye lock. Daksha asks Anika not to feel sorry as they were friends now.

Is Anika trying to get Shivaay's attention?

Tia questions Shivaye about his protective attempts towards Anika and warns Shivaye that Anika wants to get his attention, and that’s why she is doing all these tantrums. She asked Shivaye if he saw the stalker or the attacker himself.

Rudra, Om, and Shivaye share happy moments in Kitchen as they prepare sand witch and Rudra shows his excitement for the sangeet ceremony of Shivaye Tia wedding.

Tia comes and asks Shivaye to come with saying she needed to talk to him. Shivaye leaves with Tia and both brothers laugh over him.

Reyan's ring doesn't fit Soumya's finger

Reyaan comes to meet Soumya and proposes to her with a ring. But as she tries to wear the ring it remains tight in her finger.

Rudra interrupts and shows Reyaan how to put the ring on the finger and makes Soumya wear the ring.

Anika gets troubled as Tia doesn’t help her in finalizing the wedding outfit and leaves it to Anika’s wisdom but also threatens to see her if the marriage outfit didn’t match her choices.

Soumya helps Anika and suggests her to see Tia’s pics on social media and find out her choices.

Anika looks for her pics and finds one of Tia’s pics suggestive of her betrayal. She runs to Shivaye’s room shouting that she has found something this time but keeps mum to find Tia there who could have again made her fall in front of Shivaye and everyone else in Oberoi Mansion.

Audience if you are anxious to know what Anika found about ‘Mrs. Tia’..Is Tia already married?

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