The popularity of Indian television serial "Ishqbaaz" is reaching new heights, and it is now the hottest pick of the female audiences in the nation during prime time. With loads of emotions, romance and love, director Lalit Mohan has succeeded in making each and every episode unique, and the same is the case of Monday's episode.

November 15th episode

The episode begins in a very interesting manner, as we can see Anika calling up Sahil, and says that Sahil and Bua have beautifully lit up diyas (lamps) in the home.

Bua and Sahil replied that they have not lit the light, and this surprises Anika. She looks for the person who has lit the diyas, and suddenly a doll falls in front of her.

Anika gets shocked and screams. Suddenly, she sees something and gets frightened.

In this episode, the director has also featured the meeting moments of Bua and Daksh. This scene is crafted well by Lalit, and it will give a bit smile on the audience's face for sure.

Daksha proposes to Anika and she is shocked:

Anika now leaves with Daksh, and at that time Shivaaye complains that Dakshye is not responding. Rudraa now accompanies Soumya in the ghagra, and also expresses his gratitude towards her.

It was Anika who had gone to pick up Dakshya on the request of Shivaay, but after the small hickup at the bus stop where Anika mistook him for a carpenter. They both come home to find that Dakhsya is the close friend of Shivaay.

And he instantly falls for Anika.

The episode ends on an interesting note, which features Daksha and Anika. Daksh then proposes Anika in the most elegant manner, and it surprises her to the core. She warns Dakshya in the most beautiful manner telling that everybody is seeing them.

Daksha then says that he is not at all bothered about others, and it is his wish to propose her.

He also added that the life is very short, and it is the duty of every person to live the life they want. He then presents the ring, and it makes her shocked to the fullest.

Lets wait for today's episode to know the plan of Anika.

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