India’s highest rated family drama show “Ishaqbaaz” has become more interesting and entertaining with the entry of handsome boy Daksha who has fallen in love with Anika making Shivaye very uncomfortable.

Yesterday’s episode started with Daksha confessing his love for Anika. Daksh tells Shivaye that Anika is a beauty with brain and has done magic on him and falls in the pool shouting his love for Anika.

Daksh manipulates Shivaye to propose Anika for him

Shivaye gets uncomfortable as he thinks of Daksha’s words and throws his phone. Daksha comes to his room drinking from a wine bottle and tells Shivaye his intentions of proposing to Anika.

Shivaye gets shocked and suggests that he should talk later as he was drunk and Anika will slap him if he talks to her in a drunken state.

Daksha climbs the railings of the balcony in drunkenness and blackmails Shivay to take his proposal to Aneka or else he will jump down. Shivaay has no way else, so he shouts at Anika and asks her if she will marry Daksh. Anika gets shocked and leaves without saying anything.

Mystery, murder, romance, breakups, betrayals… the show has it all

Rudra stops Soumya and asks her where she was going without her husband’s permission.

Soumya asks him if he had gone mad and if anyone hears this, both will get into a problem.

Daksh finds Shivaye worried and tells him that has hopes that Anikaa may change her mind. He teases Shivaye that I looked as if he had a problem with the relationship more than Anika.

At her home, Anika feels disturbed as she recalls Shivaye’s words.

Cunning Bua ji manages to take entry back inside the house with same ill intentions for Anika.Daksh admits to Shivaye that he was not drinking wine but water and he only did a drama to manipulate him.

Next morning the family members are busy chit chatting when Daksh comes with a parcel and tells everyone that it was a gift for someone special.

He gets a call and leaves.

A servant comes with a courier and gives to Om. Om finds some papers and he checks them he gets shocked and shouts at Tej.

The show seems bring same pain to Om as he gets to find out Riddhima was an accomplice in his father’s manipulative moves.

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