“Ishaqbaaz” televised on Star Plus in India at 10:00 pm IST introduced a new character named Daksha who is Shivaye’s childhood friend.

Wednesday’s episode started with Daksha waiting at the railway station looking for a driver but gets recognised as carpenter mistakenly by Anika who had come to pick the carpenter for Oberoi Mansion. She who thought Daksh to be a carpenter asked him to speak respectfully about Shivaye and takes him to the house on her scooter which she calls ‘champa’.

Rudy, Om and Shivaye dance to the tunes of ‘Chikni Chameli' song

’Inside the Oberoi Mansion the three brothers think of their problems separately but come together to share some happy moments and Rudra expresses his wish to dance. All three brothers dance on the song ‘chikni chameli’.

Dakshya and Anika reach Oberoi Mansion, and Anika asks him to start working immediately. But she gets surprised to see the whole family greeting him lovingly and feels embarrassed to find out Daksh is not a carpenter but Shivaye’s childhood friend.

Shivaye asks Anika what made her think Daksha is a carpenter and how she could not figure out this from his expensive jacket.

Aneka justifies herself saying that the carpenters do wear right clothes and quoted about a carpenter in her neighbourhood. Both continue to argue, and Daksh silently smiles and stares at Aneka.

Daksh asks her name but before she would reply Shivaye tells her name.

Daksh insists that she should tell her beautiful name herself and offers her a handshake. This makes Shivae uncomfortable.

‘Roumya’ trying to forget their marriage.

Rudraa comes to Soumya’s room and asks her to forget the wedding. Soumya tells that she also wants to forget the wedding, but Rudra is the biggest reminder himself.

Om asks Jhanavi about Priyanka as she was replying his calls. Jhanavi tells him that Pricku is fine and has gone to guruji’s ashram with her Nani Ji.

Future episodes will show the jealousy, discomfort and dilemma Shivaye feels as Daksha seems to have fallen for Anika in their meeting. Interesting to see if Anika and Shivaye become partners for life.

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