"Ishqbaaz" aired on Star Plus every night at 10:00 PM in India is a cluster of mysteries surroundingthe Oberoi Mansion with a tanginess of romance.

The mystery man with Tia

The latest episode was loaded with thrill and excitement as Anika who already saw Tia with a man gets few more clues as during Tia’s video chat with Pinky and Jhanavi; she notices the presence of someone with Tia.

She notices two glasses of juice while according to Tia she was alone. Anika sees someone opening the button of Tia dress around the neckline which however goes unnoticed by Pinky and Jhanavi.

Pinky and Jhanavi do see the fall of dress and ask Tia to replace the designer to avoid the wardrobe malfunction, but Anika remains suspected about the presence of someone else.

Soumya is worried about Rudra who enters the house wearing only a towel and starts crying. Rudra tells Soumya about the ordeal he faced at Rumi’s place and hugs her.

Gayatri murder case still not solved

Rudra and Priyanka talk about the accident that happened two years back after which Om started taking drugs to keep away the guilt of hitting a girl with his car.

In the police station, Ranveer says that Shivaye may not have killed Gayatri but Omkara did a crime, so Oberoi’s have to bear the punishment.

Next morning Soumya brings soup for Rudra who is still terrified. He tells Soumya that Rumi is a big psycho and he is trapped.

Tej says Jhanavi that there is no one to take his legacy forward despite having two sons. Tej orders Om to manage the new airline company.

Anika finds a spa form for couple massage in her bag and recalls a paper slipping in her bag at the spa where she found Tia.

Shivaye asks Anika to focus on her work. He agrees to drop her home, and as they reach near her home Anika tries to tell Shivaye about Tia’s truth, but Shivaye refuses to listen and tells her that since he announced marriage with Tia, she got jealous of her and is now trying to break their relationship because she feels for him.

Audience stays tuned to the show in prime time to see what Anika finds in Tia’s purse that will take her to the man in Tia’s life.

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