The latest episode of "Ishqbaaaz" shocked the audience with a sudden twist in Rudra and Soumya’s life as the two got married under the influence of liquor.

The episode saw an Oberoi marriage although an accidental and unplanned as Rudra and Soumya reach a community marriage event looking for some help after their car was stolen when they were trying to escape from Rumi.

Rudra and Soumya get drunk:

Both consume some ‘Desi’ liquor and get into a state of drunkenness. Both get dressed as bride and groom and still doesn’t realise what’s up for them and laugh at other couples thinking them as actors.

Both take it as a part of some shooting and perform all rituals of a real wedding under the influence of liquor. Both exchange garlands in the ‘mandap’ and take rounds around the fire as ‘pandit ji’ chants mantra. Rudra fills ‘sindoor’ in Soumya’s ‘maang’ and makes her wear ‘mangalsutra’.

Soumya gets emotional and tears roll down her cheeks. Rudra wipes the tears and kisses on her cheek but still both remain inebriated and laugh away the words of ‘pandit ji’ who tells them that they are a married couple now.

Verma ji asks Shivaye about Om whether he was fine as he has not yet delivered the statue which he had ordered for his son’s wedding. Shivaye finds it surprising as Om never delayed any orders and wonders why he lied about the delivery as he never lies.

Is the courier guy Tia's mystery boyfriend?

Inside theOberoi Mansion, Anika waits to see the courier boy who is supposed to be Tia’s mr.

Tia takes the courier boy inside, and Anika decides to shoot a video of Tia’s mischief. But she gets a call from Shivaye who asks her to check Om if he is alright.

Anika has to go to Om’s room leaving Tia alone. She tells Shivaye that Om was fine and was talking to Priyanka. Shivaye asks her not leave Om alone till he is back. As Shivaye comes to Oberoi Mansion Anika takes him to Tia’s room where both find Tia’s sandals, purse and cushion, etc.

scattered over thefloor.

The episode ends as Rudra and Sowmya realise that this was probably no shooting as the director didn’t say cut but still sedated by the liquor Rudra congrats her for their marriage.

What will happen next when Rudra and Soumya realise that they actually got married and if Anika will succeed in exposing Tia.

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