Shocking but much-anticipated twist hit the storyline of the Star Plus show "Ishqbaaz" this weekend when Tia refuses marriage with Shivaye and elopes with her husband Dushyant, who is none other than her projected brother Robin.

Robin is actually Tia’s husband Dushyant

The latest episode had a finale kind of drama where the identity of Tia’s real husband is revealed and he is none but Robin whose real name is Dushyant. He comes to meet Tia and asks her not to marry Shivaye as he cannot see her alone with someone.

Tia tries to convince him but he remains adamant. Shivaye calls Tia and asks her to get ready soon as everybody was waiting for them at the mandap.

Om, Rudra, and Soumya reach home and lie that they got stuck in the traffic. The family dance to the tunes of "Radha Teri Chunri."

Om and Rudra tease Shivaye that after the weddings things will change but the love between the brothers shall not change and their relationship shall remain unaffected. Shivaye promises to his brothers but Rudra ties brothers’ band comparing it with ‘mangalsutra’.

Monday's episode updates

The episode begins with all the members of the Oberoi family dancing to the tunes in the wedding hall, Anika goes to the first floor to bring the bride to the marriage mandap. She is shocked to see someone else sitting on the bed dressed as Tia.

She finds a letter in the hands of the other lady in the room which says she ran away from the marriage for some reasons.

A long conversation takes place between Anika and the lady on what went wrong and why Tia doesn't want to get married.

Shivaay walks to the bride's room as it was getting late, as the door of the room open the lady tells him that she cannot marry as someone opened her eyes at the right moment. After that Anika comes out of the room as the shocked Shivaay watches her and shouts her on why she came in between his wedding.

He accuses her of spoiling the marriage and tells her that she doesn't know the damage that she has done to the family reputation as big businessman, beurocrats, politicians are all waiting at the mandap for the wedding.

During this argument, Shivaay remembers Daksha saying he paid Anika Rs 15 lakhs for a night and at that time Anika slaps him hard.

The angry Shivaay then drags her into the room and throws her on the bed. Anika is now shocked to hear that now Anika will marry him in the mandap.

Anika cries and says this is not possible, but the adamant Shivaay says he will put sindoor on her forehead today in the mandap in front of all the guests present and throws her a red wedding saree to wear,

As Anika tries hard to run out of the room, Shivaay grabs her again and tells her that he is not asking her to marry her but ordering her.

Anika tells him how can he do this to her, he replies, he can do many other things to her beyond her imagination and gives her just five minutes to get ready for the wedding. The episode ends.

Anika slaps Shivaay as he accuses her of a one-night stand with Dakshya.

Tia refuses marriage with Shivaye

Shiavye rings the bell and calls out Tia.

He enters the room and gets shocked to see the note stuck on the mirror which was from Tia and read that she wasn’t ready for the marriage and so she can’t marry Shivaye.

Shivaye opts for contract marriage for saving family reputation

Shivaye makes deal with for a contract marriage with a girl named Richa. He tells her parents that they will get the money and he will also take over their sinking company over time but for that their daughter needs to sit with him in the mandap as Tia Kapoor. He assures that he will divorce the girl next day.

Shivaye clarifies his intentions and says that he is making deal for saving most precious and important family reputation and blood lineage and so he is doing the deal with good people and not just any one.

He gives papers to the man.The shocking contract marriage may not get well with Anika and she will object to this in next episode. Shivaye will call her a gold digger that will make Anika slap him hard

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