Episode 7x04 of The Walking Dead was broadcast to the entire world except for some parts of Latin America recently and things are not looking cool for Rick’s son, Carl Grimes.

The Facebook post

Some days ago, Chandler Riggs’ father, (Chandler is the actor who plays Carl Grimes) posted a message on Facebook that broke the heart of every The Walking Dead fan who read it. What did the post say? Simple, Chandler’s father told his Facebook followers that his son’s 7 years contract was over, and he didn’t say anything about renewing it. He also said that he was grateful to all the people involved in The Walking Dead: producers, writers, actors, etc.

This is the first clue that leads us to Carl’s death on The Walking Dead.

The Clue in Episode 7x04


The 4th episode of the 7th season of The Walking Dead shows up Maggie’s re apparition after Glenn’s death, we also see Sasha’s mourning and we discover that Gregory, Hilltop’s leader is just a selfish coward that only cares about himself. But between all of this, we see how Carl and Enid arrive to Hilltop. At the beginning we suppose that Carl is taking care of Enid, but at the end we discover that he was there to find the place where Negan lives in order to kill him.

The episode ends when Jesus enters the truck that is supposed to go where Negan lives. There, after drinking a little Whiskey, Jesus finds Carl, who had already settled inside the truck to go find Negan.

As we can see, this is a suicidal mission. Carl won’t have a chance against Negan’s army.

Is this the end of Carl Grimes?

Sad but true, the chances of Carl dying, after his father's post on Facebook, and what we saw on this episode, are high, so possibly we will see Carl's death on the mid-season finale.

Of course, after Chandler’s father post, a lot of fans of The Walking Dead went crazy, statistically; Carl is the most popular character of the Walking Dead, just behind Daryl Dixon. After these two characters, the 3rd most popular character was Glenn, who died at the beginning of the season. So Carl’s death would be a direct shot to the heart of the fans.

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