Are Ben and Lauren happy together? That seems to be a hot topic as an inside source claims he has been talking to "Bachelor" runner-up, JoJo Fletcher in secret.

After Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell split, the "Bachelor" star took to Twitter to say "they are better than ever." Well, apparently not. Life & Style learned that Higgins had been secretly chatting with the runner-up, JoJo Fletcher. Lauren would not approve of him talking to JoJo, an inside source revealed.

JoJo Fletcher

Allegedly, Ben has been calling JoJo since Bushnell moved in with him in April.

Lauren and Ben have been living in his Denver, Colorado bachelor pad as they film their (low-rated) reality TV series, "Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?" At first, she talked to him once every few months, but recently, it has been much more frequent. Reportedly, once Fletcher learned the wedding was called off, they began to keep in "very close contact." Bushnell doesn't think there's any trouble in their relationship and believes Ben when he says they are "stronger than ever." If she knew that Higgins was talking to Fletcher, she would be "completely devastated."

Jordan Rodgers is clueless about the secret calls

Jojo is still with her "Bachelorette" pick, Jordan and he is also clueless about the calls.

Life & Style reported that she is not happy with her relationship with him, and may believe that Ben is her chance to be happy. A source close to JoJo stated that Jordan has no idea that she has been talking to Ben. They went on to say that if he found out, it would devastate him.

Are JoJo and Lauren still friends?

What makes this situation even more complicated is that JoJo and Lauren have remained friends.

If you remember on "The Bachelor," Higgins told Fletcher that he loved her, just before he proposed to Bushnell. And, the source continues to explain that Lauren has always been insecure about JoJo, and from the sound of it, she had every reason to feel that way.

"Bachelor" fans, do you think Ben Higgins is talking to JoJo Fletcher behind Lauren Bushnell's back? Will Lauren and Ben end up getting married?

What about JoJo and Jordan?

"Bachelor" returns to ABC in January.

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