Recent discussions on “Interview with the Vampire” cast choices reveal Anne Rice has a couple of actors in mind when it comes to the new adaptation of her hit “Vampire Chronicles” book series. For fans disappointed with the Neil Jordan film in 1994 or the lackluster 2002 “Queen of the Damned” this could make up for both of those flops.

Anne Rice and son Christopher will write

In recent interviews, Anne Rice revealed that she and her son (fellow writer Christopher Rice) will write the TV script now that she has the rights returned to her.

Rice told Entertainment Weekly that the series would take two seasons to cover the first book alone and she hopes to see it as a multi-season show working through all the novels.

She also revealed that she wants to start the series with Lestat de Lioncourt’s “birth” as a vampire. You might remember that when the film was made in the early 90s, Anne Rice didn’t like the casting of Tom Cruise in the role of Lestat. For fans of the books, it was jarring since he didn’t resemble the character physically and it was hard to look past “Tom Cruise” to see Lestat.

Who will play the key roles?

Anne told EW that she didn’t have a particular actor in mind but he should be tall, blonde and much like the character description in the books. It’s too bad Alexander Skarsgård already cut his teeth as a vampire in “True Blood” because he would be perfect as Lestat. No one wants to be type cast as a blood sucker but he’d be great in the role.

But she does have a couple of actors in mind for Louis, Lestat’s tormented sidekick, and Marius.

In the Neil Jordan film, Louis was played beautifully by Brad Pitt. Rice mentioned she’d like to see Matt Bomer in the role of Louis and would love British actor Matthew MacFayden for Marius de Romanus. MacFadyen is known for “Pride and Prejudice," “MI-5," and “The Pillars of The Earth,” and would bring a gravitas to role of the Child of the Millennia and caretaker of the ancient ones.

Wherever this “Interview with the Vampire” adaptation lands (be it premium cable or Netflix), it’s exciting for fans of the novels.

Anne Rice recently regained the rights to her novels, so this is the first time she's free to adapt them herself for the small screen. We know it won't suck!

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