Payne has been a professional volleyball player, photographer, then he made his way to acting through stand-up comedy in London. Among all the credits to his name are “Warcraft: The Beginning,” “Mulligans,” and “Alice, I Think.” He took time out of his crazy busy schedule to chat about “Star Trek Beyond,” his upcoming film “Devil in the Dark,” and the fun he had on the set of CW’s hit “Supernatural.”

What it is like to play a 'Star Trek' alien

Colleen Bement:Star Trek Beyond” just came out on DVD.

What was it like to make such a cool film?

Dan Payne: It was amazing to simply be a part of the long standing and extremely amazing franchise!I got to play an alien named "Wadjet" which meant prosthetics and make up for five hours every morning to apply, and about an houreach night to remove.It wasn't my first experience in such a heavy make-up, but it was intense.Aliens are a big part of “Star Trek” and the “Star Trek” universe so it was quite the honor. Joel Harlow was heading up the creature creation and the make-up effects and he was awesome to work with.Joel let me know that Wadjet was his first creature creation for the project, and his pride and joy; which was pretty cool.It was once we were on set that I realized the magnitude of this project.The sets were exquisite and enormous.I loved the opportunity to see the unbelievable talent in the film doing their thing.

Particularly Idris Elba as we got up close and personal in a scene.He has a phenomenal presence and brilliant talent.Our "scuffle" didn’t make the final edit but I certainly enjoyed the experience.

CB: Your upcoming film “The Plateau” looks intense. Tell us about it.

DP: I believe it will be called “Devil in the Dark” when it gets released.I can tell you that it was the kind of experience that reminds me why I love acting.The characters had a rich history and back story and a dynamic relationship.It was the kind of role that allowed me to run through the gambit of emotions.

It was all heightened by the crazy experience the two brothers endure.I had a great time filming with Robin Dunne (who played my city slicker brother).I don't want to give too much away because I think it will be a much better “ride” for people to watch not knowing.I do know that I would do it all over again in a second with that whole group of people.

Dan plays a wide range of characters

CB:What other projects are you excited about?

DP: I get excited about every single one! This year has been a break out year and I've been fortunate to play a very wide range of characters.All the way from a dark alcoholic abusive dad to a bright classic heritage Disney character to a super hero; kind of a dream come true really.Being a part of creating different characters in different worlds and tell their story in a meaningful and connected way is the gift of acting. I'm grateful for every opportunity to indulge in exactly that.

Life on the set of 'Supernatural'

CB:What was your experience on the set of"Supernatural"? Any shenanigans?

DP: First, those two guys, Jared and Jensen, are exactly as cool and kind as they seem to be; and yes -- just as handsome too!

I had a great time on that set.Most of my scenes were with Jared and he is a truly down-to-earth gentleman.It made filming a stress free and easy environment.I appreciated how supportive and present he was during filming as well as before and after.I missed out on any shenanigans, but you never know with “Supernatural;” I could come back, right?

CB:Who is your favorite superhero?

DP: I'm a total geek! I always struggle with choosing a favorite. As a kid, I was stuck in the classic realm of wanting to be “Superman.”Then as I got older, I wanted to be “Batman;” no super powers except his mind, his gadgets, and maybe a fat bank account to make all those gadgets.

Lately I'm drawn to the “Hulk” for his unpredictability and power, and to “Deadpool” for his smart-ass brilliance; but that could just be pure love of all things Ryan Reynolds too.

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