Christian Convery is a busy actor which is especially impressive noting that he is only six years old. Christian is the star of Hallmark’s film “My Christmas Dream” and he previously played the role of a murdered child on the hit television series “Supernatural” as well as appearing on “Van Helsing” and “Legion” which are also well-received cable shows. “My Christmas Dream” is Christian’s third film with Hallmark. In his downtime, Christian rides horses, snorkels, does trapeze and runs 5k to 10k marathons.

Recently, he discussed his experiences as a child Actor.


Blasting News (BN): When did you realize that you wanted to become an actor?

Christian Convery (CC): I was inspired by the actors on TV. My mom took me to acting classes and then I got a job in “Hearts of Spring” and kept getting gigs.

BN: What do you enjoy most about acting?

CC: It’s fun and I get to do lots of roles with prosethics and make up

BN: What character has been your favorite?

CC: Being a ghost in “Supernatural” and playing Cooper in “My Christmas Dream” because I worked 13 out of 15 days, all the makeup I put on, and the set people I met and made friends with.

I worked until 2am and got to eat my "Morning Breakfast"! I would yell it's "Morning Breakfast” to everyone! Cooper was a happy and a little sad character.

BN: You played the part of a ghost. What was that like? Was the episode a scary one?

CC: It was creepy. I got to go to an abandoned house and put on a lot of prosthetics. I was a little bit scared filming “Supernatural” at times. Oh, actually being in the crib with the doll, I was scared!

It was Season 12 Episode 3 called “The Foundry”.

BN: You have worked with Hallmark a lot. Has one movie been your favorite?

CC: My favourite Hallmark Movie was “My Christmas Dream” because I got to play a lead starring role but I also liked playing Connor in “Hearts of Spring” because I played a naughty boy and got to squirt mustard in Michael Shanks face!


BN: What do you do for fun aside from acting?

CC: I like doing my hobbies. I like to play soccer, go for sushi, swimming, playing at the park, going on adventures, and traveling.

BN: What kinds of movies or TV Shows would you most like to act in?

CC: I would like to play Indiana Jones! Then I would like to play Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars” and Percy Jackson in “Sea of Monsters.”

BN: What other roles are you going to play soon?

CC: I’m going to be in a feature film that I can't talk about yet.

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