Indian actresses are making waves in the west with Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone entering Hollywood. An earlier entrant Mallika Sherawat who had starred with Jackie Chan in"the Myth" in 2005 is again in the news. The actress who failed to capitalize on her break with Jackie is again in the news, not for her acting ability but a criminal attack.

Mallika attacked

Mallika was visiting Paris with a friend and had checked into a posh hotel in the French Capital. It appears she was attacked by 3 masked men who also sprayed her with gas.

But the attackers who had come to rob her fled the scene without taking her handbag or anything. Mallika rang up the police who appeared on the scene but were baffled that the attackers went away without stealing anything. The police are treating the case as an attempted robbery.

Earlier period

Mallika was earlier married to an airline pilot who she divorced to act in films. She broke into Bollywood with Mahesh Bhat's film "Murder" in 2004. The film was a hit, and Mallika broke the taboo against kissing in Hindi films by kissing her co-star Imran Hashmi passionately umpteen times.

She also bagged a role opposite Jackie Chan. After this, she had a download slide in Bollywood and has almost vanished from the celluloid screen and roles are hard to come by. She was reduced to cabaret shows on New year and in one such show was also charged with obscenity by the Mumbai police. The charges were later dropped.

Last word

The latest attack in Paris on Mallika if true is disturbing as earlier Kim Kardashian was also attacked and her jewelry stolen.

Mallika who has turned 40 has to do something to remain in the limelight. This supposed attack on her is a godsend as she is in the news gain and the tabloids can write about her. The police, though investigating the case are however baffled, that the attackers fled without taking anything.

Mallika Sherawat and her boyfriend were unharmed, and only a bit shook. One wonders whether the incident really took place.

In case it happened it's not a happy commentary on the French capital with Islamic extremists floating all around.

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