The comedian, Dave Chappelle has claimed that he is not pleased with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. During his popular show, “Saturday Night Live” the famous celebrity of the US said that he is worried about how media has spun his comments about the political system of the country.

These days, Chappelle is in New York City. For a number of times, he has shared his concerns about the future of the US. Dave says: “I am unhappy with the current voting system. I could find nothing to be reliable here.

I don’t care whether Hillary wins or Donald. What I care about is that what these political persons have to offer us in future. What makes me sad is that how are they going to shape the future of this country."

Dave Chappelle and 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live” is a famous comedy show of the US. It is a creation of Lorne Michaelsand was developed by Dick Ebersol. This variety program was premiered on NBC in October1975. It was originally titled as “NBC's Saturday Night”. The show’s concept is to highlight the contemporary culture and politics of the country.

It would not be wrong to say that Dave Chappelle rose to the limelight when he appeared in this show.

This comedian, screenwriter, occasional actor, and producer of America, began his career in 1993 from Mel Brooks' “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”. Later on, he played good roles in “The Nutty Professor,” “Con Air,” “Blue Streak,” and “Half Baked.” In 2003, Chappelle became widely renowned because of the success of his sketch comedy TV series named asChappelle's Show.

“Throughout four decades, Saturday Night Live has received so much fame and numerous awards. I feel proud to be a part of this program," David clarified during a recent interview.

“It is not so easy to have an idea of what has gone down during my career. But I can easily assume that the current political system of my country is unstable and unreliable. Though I have voted for Hillary Clinton, but inside my heart, I don’t feel satisfied," Chappelle adds.

One of his companions told that Dave is feeling disgusting by the tone of the election. He is unhappy with the idea that his comedy would be misconstrued for defending Trump. Chappelle openly admits that he has wasted his vote on Hillarybecause neither likes Clinton nor Trump.

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