Put your guesses on how "The Walking Dead" will end on a postcard and send to the producers of the show. At the moment, nobody knows how the show is going to end. AMC has gone so far as saying that the show isn't going to end until the comics do, unless something else changes along the way. The ratings may have been down lately, but not down enough for the network to take the zombie show off the air. In fact, "The Walking Dead" season 8 has already been ordered and there are hopes for many more to come.

Robert Kirkman's comics are the source material for 'The Walking Dead'

One thing that "TWD" relies on is the source material.

Robert Kirkman has been producing his black and white comic since 2003, and currently has no intention to bring the storyline to an end. However, he hasn't been in communication with AMC or the producers of the fan-favorite TV show. Everyone is in the dark over how everything will end, and only Kirkman has the clues.

It also turns out that while "TWD" producer Scott Gimple is a big fan of the comics, he doesn't want spoilers. Kirkman has tried to give him scripts of upcoming editions, and Gimple gets angry about it. He wants to see it all in comic form, even if knowing editions ahead of time would help with the TV storyline.

Kirkman isn't finished telling the zombie storyline

The only person who currently knows how "The Walking Dead" will end is Kirkman.

He has it all planned out and is currently in the middle of the overall story. Nobody else knows what he has planned for the future of the series. He even jokes that he could torpedo everything and make it extremely difficult for the showrunners of the TV show. There are also rumors that the show and comics won't end in the same way.

Fans will get to see something slightly different, but AMC has no idea what that will be.

There may be a conversation between Kirkman and Gimple in the future about the ending of "The Walking Dead" in the future, but not in the foreseeable. Fans are free to share their theories on social media and blogging platforms.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 continues on AMC on Sundays, and there are many more seasons to come.

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