As of Thursday, the "How to Get Away With Murder" season 3 finale spoilers have been hot ahead of the televised and live streaming presentation of the episode. The hit ABC show starring Viola Davis will finally answer the question "Who is under the sheet?" As viewers have seen this current season, someone died in Annalise's house after it was set on fire.

Tonight the big reveal will come, and could really shock fans of the weekly drama series.

Who is #UnderTheSheet?

The big mystery has already had several potential characters ruled out as being under the sheet.

They include Connor Walsh and Wes Gibbins. Wes ratted out Annalise in exchange for immunity, while Connor was nowhere near the fire when the blaze burned down Annalise's house. However, a few characters have yet to be ruled out: Frank and Nate. In particular, Frank seemed he had lost the will to live in the previous episode of the show.

Frank was shown aiming a gun at himself, but does that make it clear cut? While Frank seems obvious as the person underneath the sheet, that could be too easy. The "How to Get Away With Murder" show has been known for sending viewers in a direction they hadn't expected.

Could that be the case tonight?

Did the show's preview give it all away?

In a synopsis for tonight's finale episode, it's said that Annalise will receive a tip about ADA Atwood, Nate's current girlfriend. That tip will then lead to a "heated confrontation" between Annalise and Nate. A clue that could be even more telling is the recent show preview trailers. In those previews, Annalise seems completely shaken up once she learns who the victim is.

As Nate is her ex, it would make a lot of sense that she'd be emotionally broken by learning just who is the person under the sheet.

While Frank and Nate are the top two guesses, what about the possibility of someone else? An article on IBTimes even suggests that the Middleton University student Drake may be the mystery person under the sheet. Drake previously tried to hurt Annalise's reputation with a bunch of photos and the word "Murder" written on them.

Time, channel and live stream info

Tonight's huge "How to Get Away With Murder" season 3 finale is called "Who's Dead?" The episode will air on ABC starting at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Viewers with cable and satellite providers in select regions may also be able to watch the show live streaming online at the ABC Go website, or using compatible apps. Viewers should check ABC's website for full details on participating regions.

"HTGAWM" fans, who do you think will be underneath the sheet in tonight's finale?

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