Fans know of Jenelle's addiction, Chelsea's trust issues, Kailyn's anger and Leah's mental health. However, Season 8 may surprise viewers with more positivity than negativity. Evans is in a loving relationship with beau David Eason, and they will welcome their firstborn in 2017. Houska is a newlywed to her man Cole DeBoer, and the couple will welcome a little boy next year. Lowry is cultivating her burgeoning career while parenting her two sons Isaac and Lincoln. Messer is working on herself in order to grow as a woman and mother to her three daughters.

Exciting events are captured for voyeuristic entertainment, and people cannot wait to see the progress within these starlets' lives. Peruse their Thanksgiving fiestas before the promo arrives.

Jenelle Evans

According to sweet tweets and Instagram photos, the mother-of-boys is at her peak. She is in a healthy partnership with David Eason, and together, they are raising their combined children. Preparations for their little girl Ensley Jolie are brimming with joy, hope and love, and they will meet her on her due date of January 28, 2017.

During this past holiday, Evans posted a beautiful picture of her sons, Jace and Kaiser, kissing her belly. She wrote, "When you love what you have, you have everything you need."

Chelsea Houska

The star is embracing her dreams as realities. Her husband, Cole DeBoer, and daughter, Aubree, are settling into a normal routine as a family of three. Their fur-babies, a Great Dane, a Pug and Pete, are absorbing attention before Houska's baby boy debuts.

The trio overflow with excitement, and followers are ecstatic for the trio. During the Thanksgiving break, Houska delivered cute wedding snaps and some commercial promotions for vitamins and sunglasses. No one can blame the savvy entrepreneur -- newborns are expensive!

Kailyn Lowry

Season 7 broadcasted a tough year for this best-selling author. She suffered a divorce and miscarriage, and the heartbreaking combo forever impacted her life.

Hopefully, the hit series will showcase an innovative comeback as she builds her career and molds her children. On Instagram, she relayed advertisements, comical videos and a cute images of her boys. The caption read, "Happy thanksgiving from my wild ones!"

Leah Messer

This strong woman went through crippling anxiety, depression and substance dependency. Her potent urges to self-medicate her pain were evident through "Teen Mom 2," and men and women could sympathize with Messer. Mothering three girls is exhausting enough, but her daughter Ali's battle with muscular dystrophy stressed Messer. Sometimes, people default to adverse coping mechanisms, but her victory over her illnesses cemented her as an inspiration to a myriad of communities.

A recent snapshot of Messer and her three children garnered over 15,000 likes on social media, and her simple message radiated optimistic vibes. It concluded, "Im sooo thankful God gave me you!! They make Mommy proud!"

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