Trunks facility to be able to reach such a powerful phase has been debated a lot in social networks, which is why we will analyze if the son of the prince of Saiyans is deserving of the great powers he currently possesses.

Stronger than a purebred Saiyan

The first point that we want to emphasize about is Trunks’ race, that the time traveler is a hybrid, half human and half Saiyans. All "Dragon Ball Z" characters with this feature have proven to be stronger than a purebred Saiyan. For example, take Gohan who ended up being the strongest in "Dragon Ball Z".

The second point

The second point that is quite important, is the life that Trunks has had. Let’s remember that this personage of the future has suffered in life, beginning with the arrival of the androids to end the arrival of Black Goku. In those extended periods of time, this character managed to obtain innumerable zenkai and there is no doubt that it made him quite strong being later ratified in manga number 15 of "Dragon Ball Super", where it was verified that Goku in Super Saiyan phase 3 was at a similar level with Trunks who was in super Saiyan phase 2.

This denotes the potential of the character of the future. On the other hand, he himself mentioned that he had trained for 10 years, day by day, as if his life depended on it.

The Saiyan race is anger

Another important point in a warrior race such as the Saiyan is anger. Let’s remember that Trunks has gone through some quite difficult situations, which caused the spark that was needed to expel the great potential that lived hidden inside him; he had to witness the death of his mother, along with the death of many humans, accumulating rage constantly.

In short, we can conclude that future Trunks is deserving of the great power he has today, despite not having any special training, like Goku and Vegeta have.

'Dragon Ball Super: Episode 66 Review - Vegito & Trunk's Spirit Bomb Sword'.

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