Famed Japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki, the “Walt Disney of the East,” has announced plans to come out of retirement to come out with another “final” film.

Animation fans may already know the star of the film

Miyazaki had been working on an animated short titled, "Kemushi no Boro" or literally, Boro the Caterpillar, which was originally intended to be twelve minute long piece telling the story of a “tiny, hairy caterpillar.” Instead of a theatrical release, the film was intended to be showcased within the animator’s Studio Ghibli museum and was intended to be the first project from the studio to employ CGI animation.

However, recent reports indicate that Miyazaki was not satisfied with the final project of the series, deciding instead to develop the short into a full-length animated film.

Little is currently known about the plot, but concept art of the project has surfaced, and suggests we will witness Boro hatching from his egg. That said, given the piece's expansion to a full-length film, the plot could be extremely different than from what was originally intended.

The initial project had been known to the mainstream media for some time, with announcements being made over a year ago, but news of it becoming a feature film has just come to light.

Reportedly, Miyazaki had settled upon the decision to produce a full-length animated film out of the short back in August.

This is not the first time Miyazaki has left his self-imposed retirement

Miyazaki expects the final film to be completed in 2019. If his prediction is accurate, he likely would be 80 years old at the time of the release. Over the years, Miyazaki has claimed to have wanted to retire from the film-making industry many times, only for him to have decided against the decision with his involvement in another film.

According to reports, his retirement announced in 2013 may have been the sixth time he made such a claim in his career.

In fact, the most recent time he had contradicted himself by suggesting leaving his self-imposed retirement was with the initial announcement of the "Boro the Caterpillar" short.

To place it into context, both recent films "Ponyo" and "The Wind Rises" were both referred to being the “last” films of Miyazaki, at the time of their respective releases.

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