After two weeks of helping Donald Trump put together his presidential cabinet, Vice President-elect Mike Pence decided that he needed a break from the action. On Friday night, Pence decided to step out to attend a performance of the musical "Hamilton," but it didn't go so well.

Pence night out

Before the show could even start, Mike Pence made his way to his seat but was booed by a large portion of the audience. Video of the incident quickly made its way on the internet and the story was quickly trending.

Following the conclusion of "Hamilton" the cast made their way on stage for the ceremonial curtain call. While speaking to the audience, actor Brandon Victor Dixon addressed Pence who was sitting just a few rows deep. While Dixon expressed the entire cast's concerns about the future Trump administration, he also expressed his respect for the new vice president-elect. As reported by Mediaite on November 19, the backlash is continuing.

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump lashed out at the cast of "Hamilton," accusing them of "harassing" Pence, while demanding an apology.

Trump supporters have since called for a boycott of the musical, but critics are taking a different course of action. Using the hashtag "#NameaPenceMusical," Twitter users are trolling Pence over his political views. "How To Succeed in Politics Without Really Knowing the Constitution #NameAPenceMusical," one tweet read. "The Kids Are AltRight #NameAPenceMusical," another tweet said.

"Anything Goes - except homosexuality, science, a woman's right to choose, marriage equality & the Constitution #NameaPenceMusical," one Twitter user wrote.

The tweets kept coming, with some comparing a humorous Pence musical to Disney movies like "Bigot and the Beast." While the former host of "The Apprentice" gave his thoughts, Pence has not yet made a comment on the incident or the backlash that has followed.

Moving forward

Despite the backlash and the drama, Mike Pence and Donald Trump will continue to work with their transition team to put together the best possible cabinet and administration.

The two will be sworn into office on Inauguration Day on January 20.

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