Over the last few years, comic book adaptations on television have risen. They're everywhere. On television. At the box office. Even streaming services like Netflix have them. Everyone is taking advantage of the recent comic craze. With all the new superheroes and comic book adaptations, it can be difficult to keep up with every show.

Marvel continues its takeover with Netflix, ABC, other networks

Netflix already has three current Marvel hits, "Daredevil" renewed for a third season, "Jessica Jones" renewed for a second season, and "Luke Cage" which premiered with its first season in September. Netflix announces three additional series adapted from Marvel comics and connected to their current three original programs.

"Iron Fist" will pick up with the lead Daniel Rand returning to New York City after being away for several years. The show stars Finn Jones, and will premiere March 17, 2017 with a thirteen episode season one. "The Punisher" will be a spin-off of the "Daredevil" character Frank Castle, and will air some time in 2017. The third Netflix original, "The Defenders" will be a team up of characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. The show is presumed to premiere in late Fall 2017.

"Agents of SHIELD" is currently in season 4 on ABC. The network made plans for a potential spin-off following the characters of Bobbi and Hunter, entitled "Marvel's Most Wanted", but the plans fell through earlier this year.

Marvel previously teased a feature film "The Inhumans," but later abandoned the idea for a television series to premiere Fall 2017 on ABC. This show will not be a spin-off from "SHIELD" which follows several Inhuman characters. Instead it will follow the origin story of Black Bolt. In other news, ABC confirms half-hour comedy "Damage Control" which follows a clean-up crew responsible for cleaning up after superhero showdowns.

This comedy is similar to NBC's "Powerless," a workplace comedy taking place in a superhero world. In addition, ABC's sister network Freeform announced plans for "Cloak and Dagger," which has been pushed back to a 2018 release, following a revision of the pilot script.

Other networks have deals going with Marvel.

AMC has current plans for "Empire of the Dead," but no air date has been revealed. AMC already has popular hit "The Walking Dead" (which is from a comic book of the same name). Even FX has gotten in on the superhero trend with "Legion," a show following David Haller. Many X-Men fans will recognize the name. The show will debut early 2017.

The CW takes off with superheroes and comics

There was a time when the CW was known for popular teenage angst shows, then had a brief dip into supernatural shows, but now has risen as a major network for superheroes. The network currently has four successful comic book shows, "Arrow" currently in season five, "The Flash" currently in season three, "Legends of Tomorrow" currently in season two, "IZombie" renewed for season three, and recent addition, "Supergirl" currently in season two.

Making major news, the CW has decided to do a four way crossover with "Arrow", "Flash", "Supergirl", and "Legends", which will start with the "Supergirl" episode airing November 28. The lead Kara will head over to "The Flash" on November 29, "Arrow" November 30, and "Legends" December 1. This will be an interesting feat for the network to juggle so many characters over four nights.

Coming at midseason on the CW is "Riverdale,"an adaptation of of the Archie Comics. The show comes from Greg Berlanti and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The show has been described as a teenage "Twin Peaks,"so viewers should expect a timeless look, quirky characters, and a murder mystery.

Other show to watch from DC comics is "Gotham" on FOX, currently in season 3, following the origin story of Batman, Penguin, Jim Gordon, Riddler, and several other notable characters.

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