It's time for the Season 13 fall finale of Grey's Anatomy and spoilers tease that it will be an episode jam-packed with action. What can everybody expect from “You Haven't Done Nothin," and when will the show return again?

Alex has difficult decisions to make as his trial begins

TV Guide notes that in the Season 13, Episode 9 show, Alex will be making a key decision regarding his future as he works through the current case against him. There is a building collapse that will flood the hospital with patients and there is a tense conversation set to take place between Richard and Bailey over Eliza.

“Grey's Anatomy” spoilers from TVLine share that Nathan and Owen will make some progressing on repairing their damaged relationship and as the two work on patients from the collapse, Owen will open up to Nathan about some of the struggles he's having with Amelia.

Things have been difficult between Jo and Alex since the incident, and he will reach out to apologize to her for the nasty things he said during the ugly moments of his attack on DeLuca. “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers note that Jo will be called to testify in Alex's trial and she will be in a panic over the secrets regarding her past that could emerge as a result.

Jo's secret about her estranged husband won't be staying hidden

As Jo works through what might come out about her estranged husband, "Grey's Anatomy" previews indicate that she will track down Alex and begin to tell him the truth. How much will she share and how much will be left hanging until the show returns? How will Karev react when he learns about Jo's extensive network of lies regarding her past?

The cast has teased that there are complicated moments ahead and there will be justice, teases Entertainment Weekly. In addition, at least a couple of revelations will surface that have been brewing for a while. “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers hint that jaws will drop as this episode plays out and it would be safe to say there's probably a cliffhanger or two.

When will “Grey's Anatomy” return in 2017? It appears that the Season 13, Episode 10 show will air on ABC on Thursday, January 19, so this winter hiatus will not be a terribly long one.

Will Bailey find a way to keep both Richard and Eliza? Can Jo and Alex repair their relationship or is she destined to be with DeLuca? “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers tease that things will be quite explosive during this November 17 show and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action.

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