After Goku's resounding defeat and his friends during his demurrage in the future, it is inevitable to think on which will be the way in which Zamasu and Goku Black will be defeated, for what, in he tries of coming to a possible conjecture with regard to this matter, several theories they have developed on the part of the fans, nevertheless, in this note we will penetrate on the question.

One of the most common theories is the return of the most powerful warrior I dress in "Dragoon Ball Z", the merger between Goku and Vegeta called Vegito, nevertheless, is slightly probable that this happens provided that they do not possess the earrings potala needed for it again.


Other one of the most common theory raises Gogeta's appearance through the dance metamoru, this in spite of being more viable than the entry in Vegito's action, it would be slightly effective due to the short duration of this technology, nevertheless, there is an option that is more probable and is within reach of Goku which would be an exhaustive training directed by Daishinkan.


The one who shows the title of being more powerful of the whole existence, which influence probably makes them come to levels of power never being able before reached by a personage different from a destructive god and his assistant; this training would be carried out thanks to Zeno-Sama's management , for the empathy that has with Kakarotto, nevertheless, it would not be a training so prolonged due to a little time which they possesses.

The training with Whiss-sama

If we remember the training directed by Whiss-sama, we arrive at the conclusion from that this one was satisfactory enough, provided that Goku and It Vegeta they managed to unblock to new transformation, which there was named Super Saiyan Blue God, who allows to the user to convert his ki into one similar to that of to God off to native.

This makes us think that in this opportunity also it might achieve to new transformation, which might be that of the Super Saiyan white God or in his fault the same one that possesses Goku Black, the Super Saiyan Rose who is presumed is Superior to all the reached ones before.

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For the present this it is the option that we see more probable due to the fact that Akira Toriyama is not in the habit of repeating arguments, is for it that there discard the mergers of Vegito and Gogeta respectively. What do you think?