Many viewers of the emblematic ''Dragon Ball Super'' series know that Goku is a very powerful and extremely gifted Warrior and that for all combat occasions he will always be available to train and beat his enemy. So far, this is what Goku has proven - whenever there is a new villain he wants to fight against him and never gives all his power at the beginning of a fight which makes him vulnerable to an easy murder as he relies on his opponents.

Reaching for maximum power

Goku always reaches the maximum of his power after training hard in the room of the time, obtaining new techniques and more speed of attack.


As viewers, we could see this in the tournament of the destructive god Champa-sama where Goku fought against Hit, an opponent who It was difficult to give a single blow since Hit could jump in time. In the actual fight it was possible to see that he was able to fight against Hit and also using the KaioKen x10.

The God Goku

As a Saiyan, it has several characteristics that make it different from the rest of human beings; When he was a kid he had a monkey's tail which allowed him to become a giant monkey, better known as the Ozaru.

With this transformation an immense destructive power could be obtained.

The tail of the Saiyajin was plucked multiple times to avoid destroying the planet because with this transformation all the Saiyans lose control. As saiyajin has a particularity in hair that has always been a light color and after several years continues to grow and remains so for life, Also has the characteristic that whenever it is in a combat where the opponent is difficult to defeat, the force increases drastically, and this is how the saiyajins increase their Ki.


A little of his appearance

Goku measures 1.75 meters and weighs 63 Kilograms, has black hair with tips like his father Bardock. Her hair has a gray sheen that stays for years, her hair only changes when she becomes Super Saiyan.

Note: This information is not 100% real, is just a hypothesis based in the chapters.