Gigi Hadid got the attention of the masses last night after her disturbing imitation of Melania Trump at the American Music Awards. The social media sites lit up with people furious over what some are calling the "racist" mimicking of Melania Trump and suggesting Hadid should stick to modeling and drop doing impressions.

Melania Trump slammed

Hadid was the host of the American Music Awards and many thought her skit on Melania Trump imploded her first hosting gig. Many don't want to see her back again.

She mocked Melania on the speech she gave at the RNC, with some of the speech borrowed from Michele Obama. This is what many called plagiarism at the time.

Hadid imitated Melania's Eastern European accent and asked for a second so she could get her face in position. It was then she pouted her lips and squinted her eyes and started to imitate America's new First Lady. The 21-year-old model does resemble Melania just a bit, which made it even easier to recognize who she was jabbing with this impression.

You can see this impression in the YouTube clip below of the five worst "cringe-worthy" moments of the 2016 AMAs.

Trump backlash predictions

Trump fans took to the social media sites and offered up predictions on what will happen when Donald Trump got a glimpse of Hadid making fun of his wife. "He'll demand an apology," one Twitter user predicted of the president elect.

President elect slammed at AMAs.

Hadid wasn't the only one bashing the Trump's last night. Green Day made a statement with a chant on stage citing, "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA." This also got the gander up of social media users.

Trump supporters and non-supporters alike saw this as going over the line.

Green Day insult

Their chants and impressions are not going to change the outcome, but for some reason these celebrities have a need to keep waddling in angst over Trump's election. Instead of trying to unite the country, this type of behavior promotes the hate and racism that they say they are against. Ironically they are doing the same thing they accuse Trump of doing.

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