Last night the big news came out that Joy-Anna Duggar is courting a boy named Austin Forsyth. The fans of "Counting On" have never got a chance to meet him and last night they got a small glimpse of Austin. Now everyone wants to know him better. Here are a few things about Austin, the new man in Joy-Anna's life.

All about Austin Forsyth

Last, on the episode, Joy-Anna shared that she was courting Austin and that they had been friends for fifteen years already. This means that Joy-Anna has known him since she was just four-years-old.

US Magazine shared some details about Austin as well. When he asked her to court, Austin took her to an outdoor spot that was important to him. He shared that they were last there August 1, 2015, with a group of friends and he thought it was really special.

Another tidbit about Austin is that his parents Terry and Roxanne Forsyth, own Fort Rock Christian Family Camp and Retreat Center in Combs, Arkansas. Joy-Anna and Austin are both in pictures on the website, and so it looks like they are involved there.

Austin has been on a reality show before. He was on season 1 of "World’s Strictest Parents" on CMT in 2009. On this show, it was revealed that Austin has a lot of the same beliefs that Joy-Anna's family shares. He doesn't plan to have sex or even kiss until he is married. He is three years older than Joy-Anna, but seems fine with waiting on these things.

Only time will tell if Austin is the perfect match for her, but right now they are just starting to court.

The fans are really excited that when the show "Counting On" returns in January they will be able to get to know Austin and learn all about him. This will be great, and then everyone can share their opinion on if they like him or not.

What do you think about the new guy in Joy-Anna Duggar's life? Do you think that Austin Forsyth is the one she will end up marrying? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Counting On" when it returns to TLC in January.

This season will be about Jessa's new baby, Jinger preparing for her wedding and more.

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