Lewis describes "Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency"as an off-kilter and all over the map type of show.Lewis plays the role FBI Agent Weedle who is thrilled to get out in the field. Out of Vancouver, this super talented actor has that face that we’ve seen on screens everywhere with almost 200 TV and film credits. Check out his part in the cool time-traveling series "Travelers," along with "Zoo," "Motive," "Rogue," andmore.

Colleen Bement: Tell us about "Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency"

David Lewis: It's all over the map.

It's weird, it's kind of odd and off-kilter, and the sound design is really cool, and it's kind of violent, and funny and weird. It's on BBC America and AMC for now.

CB: Your character, Agent Weedle has quite a name.

DL: It IS quite a name. As an actor when you get an audition they have a breakdown of the character, and the breakdown of the character basically said Agent Weedle: He's exactly as his name sounds. He's pretty much been behind a desk his whole career, and he's suddenly been thrust into the field with another agent.

He's an alpha male who's always in charge, good looking, and is always getting the girl.Agent Weedle kind of has a little bit of a man crush on him. He's really excited about being in the field and doing honest detective work. He's got a gun, he's got his badge, and he's got his FBI coat, and then something happens to him at the end of episode two that drastically changes him for the rest of the show.

CB: What has your experience on the set been like?

DL: It was fantastic. Instead of just your typical woman in peril, middle of the road type show, this thing is on the sidewalk, driving through a mall, in the playground; it's all over the place. Elijah Wood was fantastic; he's a really lovely guy. Totally prepared and very gracious on set. He’s a very giving actor, and knows his stuff. He really carries this series, and is fantastic in the first episode.

Plays a badass in 'Travelers'

CB: Tell me about "Travelers."

DL: I play a kind of black ops major in the military. No badges on his uniform because nothing signifies what part of the military he's actually in; it's all very hush-hush. He's rather a badass andkind of has his own agenda. I'm in episode two and episode six, and I get to get some really fun stuff. Some very violent things happen at the hand of Major Gleason. It's a really smart show. Eric McCormick is great. He makes you feel very welcome on his set.

He was in 'The X-Files'

CB:Tell your fans about your audition way back when on "The X-Files."

DL: That was a long time ago, I wasdoing really small two-line parts here and there.

Everybody wanted to work on "X- Files." I think I worked on “X-Files” three times. I was nervous and intimidated, but the casting director was great. They werealways nice in the room, whether it was Chris Carter or whichever director happened to be there. They really wanted to work with local actors. I remember working in a store with this bank of TV's, and "X-Files" would come on like 9:00 at night on a Friday. I was working and myself and like 11 staff were standing around the TV saying there I am! They were like, oh you were so good, and I was like yeah, my three lines were amazing. But it was really cool to be on a show that was really crushing it in the ratings, and people were into it.

Lewis can boast owning 3,000 comic books

CB: Are you a fan of comics?

DL: OK, so I've got about 3,000 comics in my closet at home, and my girlfriend's like what are all these, and I say don't touch those--those are my comics. I was introduced to comics at a very early ageand I just fell in love with them. As I've gotten older I've gotten into darker themes such as Mark Millar and anything by Frank Miller, and even the big two; DC and Marvel. I'm really loving “Jupiter's Children” by Mark Millar and Frank Quietly.I’m a huge "Batman" fan. I'm a comic nerd,andcomic nerds are taking over. The biggest things being made right now are because of nerds.

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