In yet another rant on Twitter, Donald Trump has now set his sights on what should happen to people who burn the American flag. The president-elect has proposed either putting individuals in jail for the act, or taking away their citizenship.

Takei on Trump

Donald Trump has never been one to hold back his thoughts, and by speaking out the way he does, he's turned American politics upside down. Gone are the days, or so it appears, that a president would be restrained and guarded, keeping his personal views mostly in private unless they are filtered through his administration and staff members.

Shorty after 7 a.m. local time on Tuesday morning, the president-elect took to his Twitter account and railed against people who burn the American flag. In response, actor and social rights activists, George Takei, was quick to offer a response of his own, as seen on his offical Twitter account on November 29.

"Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag," Donald Trump tweeted, while adding, "if they do perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!" Not long after Trump's comment was made, George Takei made sure to follow up with his own thoughts.

"I pledged allegiance to the flag every morning inside an internment camp," Takei wrote, before adding "I would never burn one, but I'd die to protect the right to do so."

Takei's tweet was in reference to his time spent in a Japanese internment camp during World War 2.

The former "Star Trek" star has been vocal in his opposition to the former host of "The Apprentice," speaking out against him for the duration of the election, and it appears he won't be stopping anytime soon.

Constitution trouble

While Donald Trump has called for either jail time or a removal of citizenship for someone who burns the American flag, the United States Constitution says otherwise.

The act of burning the American flag, while most people would agree is in bad taste, is considered an act of free speech and freedom of expression, protected under the First Amendment. In an ironic twist, Trump is expected to soon fill the vacant seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who referred to flag burning as an "act of expression" during an interview in 2012.

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