The latest "General Hospital" spoilers may shock fans of the hit soap opera based in Port Charles. The latest story going on for the ABC soap is the tragic death of Morgan Corinthos. He suffered an untimely death due to mob warfare and revenge tactics as someone was trying to blow up Julian Jerome. The plot to rid Port Charles of Jerome went awry, though, as it claimed the life of Morgan instead. Now it seems like there may be more to the story than was originally known, and Carly may be one who finds out the shocking secret!

Carly needs to leave Port Charles

Morgan's mother Carly has been extremely shaken up after losing her son in such a gruesome and untimely way. Due to the fact that Sonny has confessed to being responsible for his own son's death, Carly has decided she's had enough with the mobster and his life full of danger. She doesn't want anything to do with Sonny any longer and that could be reason for her to leave Port Charles.

With her ex-husband Jax in town to offer support during the funeral, Carly has decided that when Jax leaves, she will go with him.

However, it's what happens because of this choice that brings the major shocker to Carly, as she learns what could be the shocking truth about her son's murderers.

Who killed Morgan Corinthos?

There had been previous "General Hospital" spoilers that dealt with the idea that it wasn't Sonny who was responsible for the car bomb. Instead, it is speculated in the spoilers that Julian Jerome set it all up to make it look like someone wanted him dead.

With that gameplan, he is able to get rid of his adversary Sonny. Unfortunately, it also brought about the death of Morgan Corinthos on "General Hospital."

It's now being pointed out by a new batch of spoilers via Celebrity Dirty Laundry that it wasn't Sonny and it wasn't Julian who are responsible for this tragic death. Instead, it is being said that Carly will overhear some shocking details. She'll learn that it was the Jackson brothers who are ultimately behind the car bomb.

That will shake Carly up even more, and she'll have to wrestle with what to do with this surprising information.

Sonny continues to suffer in jail

While Carly will learn of these new details, Sonny is still suffering in many ways. He not only is blaming himself repeatedly for what happened to Morgan, but he's also confessed to the murder. With that in mind, he is facing serious time in prison for the car bomb killing. It seems like it will be up to Carly to act upon the information she gets, but she'll need to find a way to get hard proof in order to help clear Sonny. Keep in mind there have been reports that actress Laura Wright is also taking some time off from "GH."

Will Carly help out Sonny with this information, and will she do so at the right time?

"General Hospital" is on ABC weekdays beginning at 2 p.m. Eastern Time and soap fans will certainly be waiting to find out the latest.

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