Over the past several weeks, the "General Hospital" spoilers have focused on the death of Sonny and Carly's son Morgan Corinthos. Their son was tragically killed during a car bombing attempt aimed at Julian Jerome which went awry. There have been rumors about who Morgan's killers could be, with some interesting arguments for more than a few key characters in Port Charles that may be responsible. So far Sonny is not a part of those rumors as far as the real guilty party goes.

Carly will learn truth about Sonny

The Celebrity Dirty Laundry site is reporting that despite the fact Sonny will have the help of Jason tracking down the true individual(s) responsible for Morgan's death, it won't do much good for his relationship with Carly. Remember the bomb was originally intended for Julian Jerome, but instead ended up costing Morgan Corinthos his life. There's been an interesting theory related to Julian possibly being involved in his own murder attempt.

Even though Carly will learn the truth about Sonny's innocence, she is rumored to not stick around to stay with her husband.

In fact, the rumor mill for "GH" fans is that Carly will file for divorce due to the fact that Sonny (Maurice Bernard) is unable to change for the better. That would mean Sonny needing to leave behind his life of crime and violence which puts his family in harm's way so often.

Carly still holds Sonny responsible

Even though Sonny wasn't the person responsible for the car bomb that killed his son, Carly still feels he is to blame.

As mentioned, his constant involvement in Port Charles crime and revenge plots is in Carly's mind what caused this murder situation to unfold.

Sonny may seem to continue his arrogant belief that Carly will come back around after he's dealt with the real car bomber(s). However, Carly seems like she's truly had enough at this point and will go through with the divorce. Of course, this couple has been through this several times before, so it could be a matter of time before she decides to accept Sonny into her life again.

So a Carly and Sonny reunion could happen in the future.

Carly is currently played by actress Laura Wright and there's been news on her lately. Apparently, she's going to take a vacation from appearing as part of "General Hospital" but will return at some point. That is good news for soap fans and in terms of the show, possibly good news for Sonny reconciling with Carly when she eventually returns to Port Charles!

"General Hospital" fans -- what do you think about Carly leaving Sonny and the show? Will she and Sonny ever patch up their latest differences?

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